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A Reflection of Art Work...

My art adventure truly began while in Middle School. It was the first time in my life that I started to believe in myself and the realization that I could possibly have a future as an artist. SO I went for it! My art teacher suggested I submit a portfolio to a Visual Art's Magnet Program for High School. I was asked to include several pieces of still life's and with the help of my mom who was an art student back in the 60's, I was able to put together a somewhat good looking, somewhat professional portfolio. All pieces were framed with mat board and as perfect as I was going to get them. I remember working hours on each piece. My Saturdays and Sundays were 100% committed to this work.

Fast forward a few weeks later and I was accepted into the program! Me... the insecure, never feeling smart, always getting poor grades due to my learning disability - GOT IN! All that hard work paid off and from this moment on, I knew that I could do it. I knew that if I wanted something, no matter how hard it may be - I needed to work for it.

Before this amazing program, I was completely self-taught, with of course the exception of my amazing art teachers along the way.... But once I got to High School - Holy crap - it was intense and yet I absolutely fell head over heels in LOVE! From figure drawing to painting in different mediums, photography and even welding - I got my hands dirty (literally) in every medium you could think of. The first few years were simply learning standard techniques with a lot of critiquing (which I wasn't a fan of lol), which limited my ability to truly find my craft. So by the time I got to my senior year after years of learning color, value, history of art and all the things... I was able to finally stretch and use my own imagination in the techniques learned.... And dang was that liberating!

Was I the best artist in my class? - Absolutely not!

Was I 100% confident? - Heck no!

Did I constantly compare my work to others? - Yes!

Am I still feeling these same feels today? - YUP!

From High School to Parsons School of Design, I received some pretty amazing education. I am so so SOOOO thankful for the opportunities I was given, for I am not so sure I would be in the spot I am in today if it weren't for those years of art schools. But I cant help to also believe that art grows over time. Like anything else, it takes practice, determination, practice, yes skill - but then practice some more. I am still growing my art. I am still experimenting with different mediums and I am still finding myself - even at 42! Will my work change by the end of this year? Most likely and although that is a bit scary - I know that it will be epic. I know deep down in my core that this is my calling. Some days are hard... Scratch that. Most days are hard - BUT i've got to keep going.. Just like I did when I was a student in middle school.

Below are the pieces I created to get into the magnet art high school. They are so light in color compared to what I do now....

While I was in art school, I absolutely learned some skill. Check out these pieces....

So bottom line is.... Keep moving forward. Believe in yourself, which I still have to remind myself daily.....

-Ali Curtis

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