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My New Favorite Thing...


If you are a subscriber to my website then you recently received (and hopefully read) my June newsletter. I wrote about my new summer obsession... OIL PAINTING. You probably are already aware that I love painting different subjects and using different mediums. I am not your average artist. In fact, I call myself a bit of an ADD Artist. I simply just CAN NOT stick to one medium and I certainly WILL NOT stick to one subject. It's just my nature to learn, explore and be inspired.

So back to OIL - One of the oldest art mediums. When artists first started painting, they used water-based paints which was a huge breakthrough from charcoal BUT artists had to rush their work. While working on larger subjects for example, they wouldn't be able to take breaks due to the speedy dry time, but once oil paint was introduced, it was a game changer! For the first time ever, painters were able to leave their art for the night to work on them the following day without hesitation. This was due to the oil in the paint which actually doesn't dry, but actually oxidizes or "sets" which allows each layer to actually stay wet.

Obviously over the years, or I should say centuries, manufacturers have been able to perfect oil paint, creating bold colors which in turn can be opaque or transparent resulting in the ability to be mixed and overlaid in limitless combinations - anyways my point is this, that the history of oil painting is pretty darn cool. I am using the same techniques the masters used, and yet it is not just the history which led me to wanting to experiment with this medium. It was that transparency and brilliance of color the oil creates as well. Also, that shine! You just can’t get the same effect with any other medium, so I bought myself some oil paints, linseed oil and mineral spirits. Now the differences between oils and watercolor and acrylics for example doesn't just end at the paints themselves. You see, watercolor and acrylic paints are water based, so to thin them out, I use water, yet with oil paints you need mineral spirits to thin the paint and then once you want to add some depth and layers, you add a bit of linseed oil. The results are pure gorgeousness.

So, follow along as I paint away with this completely new medium for me... It's so exciting to try new things, to explore and educate ourselves, because this is how we grow. So, I say whether it's a new art medium or perhaps something you have always wanted to cook but have always been super intimated by - JUST GIVE IT A TRY! Even if it is not perfect the first time, or the second or third - I bet you that your confidence will rise and you will be proud of what you can accomplish.

Peace, Love & Happiness xoxo


P.S. Check out this work in progress oil painting - I am so proud of it!

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