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So, what inspires me?

Ok so I will admit that I have a bit of ADD when it comes to my art. Typically artists stick to one medium and subject. Abstract paintings in black and white acrylic, landscape scenes in watercolors and portraits of celebrities in oil. I have tried to stick to one thing but I just get way too bored, I just love trying different mediums and I love combining them.

In addition to my acrylic work, I've got my fashion illustrations - typically painted in watercolor - although I have some ideas for acrylic and now my latest obsession, oil. The medium alone inspires me, in fact whenever I walk into an art store I can't help but want to buy just about everything and anything I see. And I know this sounds crazy, but I love the smell of pencils, oil pastels, the paper or canvas I am using - I just love it all. It's like home for me.... But what most inspires me is the mood I am in. I'm not talking about my mental state, although that does and will affect my art ability, but what I mean is, what's my obsession this week? What inspired me to pick up a paint brush? It may have been the fashion magazine I was looking through that inspired me to create an illustration or it may have been the amazing adventure I took on a road trip cross country that led me to be influenced by another culture or scenery.

Whatever it is, if I am affected by the colors, smell or feeling I feel, I will want to paint it. So yes, I am a bit all over the place with my art, but it makes me thrive and learn and that in itself is inspiring...

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